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one organizes the other, and sometimes the most lost and wasted attract the most balanced and sane November 15, 2010 No Comments

thinking about a tune from the dust bowl, which Woody Guthrie spoke of the ‘mixture being all of us and we’re still mixing.’ a wonderful tune describing how most people get along and have a lot in common. writing from Narita Airport in Tokyo coming off an emotional high from the introduction of new people […]

Phone my family, tell them I’m lost, on the sidewalk October 27, 2008 No Comments

Yesterday, an Indian buffet, one with chilies that would make the best of em’ sweat A city full of parks, and black squirrels, there is even a legendary albino squirrel too. The Dakota Tavern, mimics The Continental Club in Austin Kensington Market, Inside Graffiti’s Bar, I would have to say Toronto’s one in a million […]