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Broken beaten down Cant even get around Without an old man cane I fall and hit the ground November 29, 2008 1 Comment

A night at the best pub in town, and I drink a coffee. It’s the start of something special in my life, I can feel it. Manuelabor, Lacination, and Sophia come for a visit. After a visit from these folks, my battery is charged. If they were near, I know I’d NEVER get tired of […]

They say I need some Rogaine To put in my hair Work it out at the gym To fit my underwear July 10, 2008 No Comments

Mike and Laura P’s wedding was here, the Wild Basin Lodge, would have loved to stay here, great view, mountain stream running through the back, very picturesque. Just can’t handle the 250 a night, hence the lovely super 8 on the cheap. The road to the lodge was treacherous, once even a big ol’ deer […]

This bottle of stevens awakens ancient feelings, Like Father, Stepfather… May 29, 2007 No Comments

Rollin’ on 3 hours of sleep and a quad latte, Mummy, Jr and I brave downtown Minneapolis. The city has a sincere simplicity, modest and historic, I think I like it! Here’s a picture of the tall buildings. We were witness to so of the locals getting into a squabble, one chick throwing a big […]

Never You Mind all the Others Influencing Your Next Move February 24, 2006 1 Comment

Stressful ‘first day of class’ in the plight of getting the PMP. I enter the room with all these people, and I can easily tell I’m the youngest / perhaps dumbest person in the room, yea, it’s a bit intimidating. Come home, beach myself on the couch after a bada$$ fattening burger at Casino El […]