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Is there a time to run for cover, A time for kiss and tell November 30, 2010 No Comments

Never the more surreal than a city like Sarajevo.  You hear that its the Jerusalem, you know the city was under siege, but to truly grasp the tip of understanding you have to pay a visit.  We understand for the lion’s share of history, its been a place where many different religions and ideologies exist peacefully […]

Step on a steam train, Step out of the driving train, Maybe run from the darkness in the night August 6, 2008 No Comments

This book about how ‘too much ownership’ causes gridlock in an economy, interesting perspectives, I think about it in terms of how people in the workplace take ownership of ‘project a, or project b’, which also causes gridlock. What is the common purpose in a world of individuality? Where’s the excitement come from in a […]

I’m Just Tryin’ To Find A Decent Melody, A Song that I can sing in my own company April 3, 2008 No Comments

Problems of the heart call for a U2 record. How is it that Bono just knows what to say to me. I love him and I hate him all at once. People who know what to do and say at the right time truly have a gift. Tonight I unloaded my camera from my trip […]

Who’s to Say Where the Wind Will Take You, I Don’t Know, Which Way the Wind Will Blow March 11, 2006 No Comments

A beautiful sunny afternoon, perfect weather for flying a kite. The Red Baron, which was a bitch to put together, just ask Gman. It’s an awesome kite though, took some serious nose dives and survived. Mum and I about to set that beast in flight. There she is, in the air, all her beauty. Funny […]