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Because my inside is outside My right side’s on the left side May 19, 2009 No Comments

Tonight broadcasting from ‘the fish bowl,’ the original and only bordello in the palace complex area. Disorientation continues, eyes hurt terribly bad today, burnout has came and went. A few more iterations and I’ll be used to this. The ‘hula girls’ from Hawaii were here tonight providing entertainment including song like ‘Imagine’ Hawaii hula girl […]

Every day I wake up and it’s Sunday Whatever’s in my head won’t go away May 11, 2009 1 Comment

In the last 24 hours, Tampa to DC to Kuwait to Baghdad. Gryphon Air I was nervous about, but turned into being a really ‘nice’ flight to Baghdad Met 3 people enroute, one medic heading south, one security guard heading south Baghdad, and one teacher who is working to integrate people and teach them modern […]

This city’s so cold & old Forever rain or snow I’d really love to come and go December 27, 2008 No Comments

The season and year for fog. Leaves finally have left the trees. The banana tree doesn’t like the cold weather. The festive neighbor The most decorated building in town. Joy to the world The bustling downtown. Nicely done A random hunk of lights in the park

Life Is Both a Major and a Minor Key, Just Open Up the Chord July 26, 2007 No Comments

Travis, La Zona Rosa, Austin Texas, damn I totally forgot how great these guys are, I guess you could called it being sophisticated and down to earth at the same time. It was in 1997 the same place where I talked to Fran, when he opened for Ben Folds, he asked me what I thought […]

We’re Battleships, Driftin’ in Our Wee River July 17, 2007 No Comments

For those keepin’ count, here’s my opinions on what has been good and bad in mom’s chemotherapy treatments. For the record, Mom’s first treatment was last Thursday, the weekend left her burping and lot and bloating, and sick enough to miss Collin’s birthday party on Sunday. The Good – Hospital staff everywhere (Yoakum, Cuero, and […]

Welkommen, Welkommen, Shame About the Weather May 21, 2007 No Comments

Loads of fun to spending the evening with the AMF volunteers over bowling balls at the Dart Bowl. Pictured, the heart and soul of the non-profit I volunteer with, both pillars. Amy my friend in the middle is going on a European stint for about a month, coming back for the summer, then going to […]

I Look Around for Faces I Know, I Never Ever Want to Go Home May 11, 2007 No Comments

I stayed away from facebook for the longest time, but tonight I bit the bullet and joined the social network everyone is raving about. It used to be for college kids, but now it’s opened up for the world, weird / verging on scary auditing capabilities, and I can only imagine the drama that goes […]

Flowers In The Window / Introspection June 30, 2005 No Comments

Here is the post where I Robert, congratulate all the people who are having / recently had babies, and damn the number of you is insane! Offhand let’s see — Ryan, Sara, Amy, Erin, Russell — ummm, and that’s just SHS class of 1995 (the one we are going to have the 10 yr reunion […]