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so hard to be careful, so easy to be led Somewhere beyond the pavement you’ll find the living dead April 26, 2010 No Comments

the day before leaving i asked a sampling of Germans for the translation of ‘Zombie,’ and got mixed results — Since about Thursday of last week I’ve been in that state, information overload, sensory overload, figuring out logistics on the fly, etc — needless to say when i’m an old man sitting on a porch […]

Trees Went By, Me and Del Were Singing, Little Runaway, I was Flyin’ February 4, 2008 No Comments

Superbowls, crafty commercials, and usually a pretty damn good half-time show. Today, not only mummies 74 year old b-day party, but a dreaded football game I glue myself to. Tom Petty was singing with Del Shannon’s Runaway one night while on ‘country drive,’ and he’s made a career out of singing simple and clever awesome […]

All The Clever Monkeys Telling Us What to Do, Telling Us to Stay in Line and Join The Monkey Queue June 20, 2007 No Comments

Tonight I listened to a fascinating podcast, entitled, Green is the New Red, White and Blue, by none other than Thomas Friedman. PS, Stanford has TONS of amazing podcasts, want some QUALITY education for free, check it out. To preface, no I don’t think global warming is a hoax, and no I don’t think Al […]

Hey Little Freak with the Lunch Pail Purse December 2, 2005 1 Comment

While Tom Petty is singing to me about the Zombie Zoo, Abbey is making Zoo Keeper cards for the San Antonio Zoo to show with MY NAME on it! Holy Toledo! I do recall the Lincoln Park Zoo (somewhere I want to go to BAD one day) commercials were brilliant, back in the day watching […]