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Don’t fall into all those sad stories you write, Your voice is so pretty When it gets caught in the right rhyme November 9, 2009 No Comments

A wise sage outlined the phases of life, and volunteers that I'm in 'Phase 2' — First instinct says, damn, I should be further along, however, thinking about it I'm glad I'm past phase one and understand there are move levels to aspire to achieve.  A tip of the hat to The Veils – I […]

the tide that left and never came back is on my mind tonight November 19, 2008 1 Comment

Lots of song lyrics hovering in around during my bean heartburn infested jog this evening – There’s literal and non-literal interpretation in all words, thoughts and deeds, for years I’ve spouted out words, but the undertone has always been in the song lyric in the title of the post. If I’m quoting Eliot Smith, I’m […]

The tedious thoughts of the head of state, Are seldom ever worth revealing, Indelible stains on the human race, You hideous fakes and murderers September 21, 2008 No Comments

Things I’ve had ‘pub talk’ speaking about the following generalities – Red vs. Blue politics Finding Ms Right The big game World Travel Work and all that – When I stay at home instead, I read about The decoupling of risk and reward in the American economic system The tragedy of the commons and the […]

Love hold me away deep in this town and canopy of snow, Go, spin me around under the folding branches August 3, 2007 2 Comments

Surreal moment today, I’m turning on to New Braunfels avenue after signing the lease to my no-so-deluxe apartment, and a funeral is passing. While the funeral is passing, Track 6, Under the Folding Branches by The Veils comes on, just one of those feelings, a Dawson’s Creek real life moment, where the music and the […]

So Here It Is, You’re Heart out Here in the Cold July 15, 2007 1 Comment

Second Looks, 6 outfits, 200 dollars = professional attire

There’s No Sense In Waiting, A Swift Completion Never Comes July 14, 2007 No Comments

Last day at my job of the past 6 years, lots of stuff roaming around in the noggin’, I’ve looked from quotes from Yoda to Ghandi to categorize it, and here’s the best I could come up with to represent the last years. A difficult environment to say the least WOO-SA, WOO-SA, OK, I’m calm […]