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For Me This Boardwalk Life’s Through, You Ought to Quit this Scene Too July 11, 2007 1 Comment

The Hollies, DAMN, Graham Nash, my hero! Next week I roll up into San Antonio, stick in hand draped over my shoulder, with a blanket at the end wrapped around some Dockers and a polo shirt to start a new job. Lots of cycles running through my head, lots of emotions, lots of feeling. Emotions: […]

All That Summer We Enjoyed It, Wind and Rain and Shine December 2, 2005 No Comments

When you are tired of ‘partying’ with the cool kids, and there isn’t a show in town, what else can you do but create your own entertainment by inviting your buddies over and have a sing-a-long! Mr Red back there, the Beastermaster, gruesome looking Jenny and Mike P and the lovely Laura entertained the neighborhood, […]