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We’ve Run with Wolves We’ve Climbed K2 Even Stopped a Moving Train March 28, 2007 No Comments

Mike and Laura P, in their new crib — Congrats to yall! Nothing like watching mountain climbing expeditions in high definition brilliance. Keystone, a stick in hand, and banana pants, you can’t beat it.

We Don’t Mind Suckin’ on Toes January 3, 2006 2 Comments

Can you spot the hobbit foot? 15 painted toes, Beast, Kristin, and fat head, all waving to Jenny in England. Lucky Jenny isn’t here with that big ass fungus toe. When she clips that thing, it goes flying across the room, could damn near put someones eye out with that thing. Yea, just don’t look […]

We Don’t Mind Suckin’ On Toes July 6, 2005 2 Comments

Well, who would have thought that today I would have gotten a peticure. I didn’t even know what that word really meant. Here’s a picture of my crusty / hairy hobbit feet before the peticure. As you can see, a dream for a girl to play footsey with ;-), or however you spell that. This […]

All You People Up There In City Hall May 16, 2005 No Comments

Today we went to City Hall, probably saw some important people that I didn’t know, and had some good food / good music. The new City Hall is an amazing building, and it still has the new smell to it, which is great. Here is a picture from the top, you can see Town Lake […]