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Out of Bed at 8am, Out My Head at Half Past 10, Out with Mates and Dates and Friends, That’s what I Do at Weekends June 24, 2006 No Comments

Jamie was my 8th grade graduation dance ‘date’, and it’s wonderful that we still are great friends. She travels all over the place, was in Calgary last week, has a potential trip to Moscow on the horizon, and the continental US is like my average trip to San Marcos. Highway 6 (something in itself that […]

I Won’t Dance in a Club Like This, All the Girls are Sluts, and the Beer Tastes Just Like Piss February 12, 2006 No Comments

Today was helping Mike and Laura P move day. Ms. P (Mike P’s mum, who I found out is also a reader of the blog) called me a ‘prolific’ writer, which was a great compliment, thanks Ms. P, you are a great person :-). Later that day, Laura P called me “He Man,” because when […]