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myriad lives like blades of grass, yet to be realized, bow as they pass October 10, 2010 No Comments

I will learn the Italian language even if it kills me.  It’s a humbling experience bumbling around town trying to be a social creature, not being able to articulate what you want or what you think.  Hitting that resistance level and just pounding away. I’m hoping to bust into the blue ocean and away from […]

An address to the golden door, I was strumming on a stone again Pulling teeth from the pimps of gore when hatched August 3, 2009 No Comments

I can't really wrap my head around short selling the market.  This week I'm going to conduct an experiement based on companies that are expected to do well.   Initial capital = 5,000 Expected daily return = 3% Commission Fees = 26 bucks / day   Stock that I think will perform well per day […]

i’d a danced like the queen of the eyesores And the rest of our lives would ‘a fared well May 15, 2009 1 Comment

groundhog day, really sank in to me tonight, that i won’t have a free weekend for 6 months or so. putting it bluntly, it kinda sucks — 12 hours a day 7 days a week are just words until you’re actually there. the difference b/w this and a silicon valley startup is 12 hours of […]

And At Night, You Go to Bed and Dream that the Would Would Be Like You Want it, You got the Courage Why Not Flaunt It. December 7, 2008 1 Comment

A word about hyper consumerism – Going to a store, going to a burrito joint, going to a mall, you could argue that we’ve reached a gilded age for the middle class. People for the most part can afford to do almost anything, buy anything, use anything, go anywhere. Something in me says what’s morally […]

These Are the Muddy Waters I’m Swimming In, To Make a Living were I to Drown in Them It Should Come as No Surprise May 4, 2008 No Comments

A handful of peeps came out for my brief stint at my current job. Tomorrow I take my lunch pail and go to a new adventure, it’s always kinda like the first day of school. Well here’s the Das Boot at Freisenhaus, it’s 2 liters of brutal Spaten, surely to knock you on your butt. […]

I smell the engine grease and mint the wind is blending Under the moan of rotting elm in the silo floor April 15, 2008 1 Comment

Jupiter Hotel Portland was the site of the James Mercer, Steve Malkmus set, I must say it was extraordinary, a benefit for an Elementary School. Brilliant, even though the crowd talked through both sets. The lights at the Jupiter are black lights, the decor is IKEAish which is the fashionable thing to do, and hipsters […]

Tied to a Brick, Sweet as a Song, The years have been short but the days go slowly by April 9, 2008 1 Comment

Lots of decisions always in life, wish I had a quotation that could mesh it all together. Random comments. There are personalities all around you, some you want to be influenced by, and some you want to shield yourself from. It’s a fascinating time going out and seeing new people, talking to strangers, see what […]

I Watched the Ice Melt on the Glass, While the Elegant Young Pilgrims Pass January 21, 2008 No Comments

I used to be in the boat of watching ice glass, while the pilgrims pass. I used to let the moment define me, I used to think much more ‘left brained.’ However you want to articulate the ‘catch phrases,’ there have always been ‘pilgrims.’ Borrowing from the book I’m reading, we go from monkeys to […]

And tonight you go to bed and dream All the world to be what you want it August 10, 2007 No Comments

What do Jason Borne, Nero, and Ragnar Danneskjöld have in common? They are all vigilant and engaged characters when the process or institution goes wrong; espionage, politics and socialism respectively. They are the ones that go ‘BOOYAH’ and put the smack down on ‘bad stuff,’ no agendas, just to tear it back down in hopes […]

Go Along With the Plan, Your Head will Still be There Where You Put It July 15, 2007 No Comments

Thanks for all the positive vibes in regards to my transition in life. The internet and music make transitions in life seem seemless. The Veils put it into perspective best. ‘And the sound of that music travelledto me from that orphan skyand pulled it all in my vault’ What next? Liquidity for a while, then […]