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I used to work it out with my head in a cloud, A record machine playin’ out loud, I guess my fate had to turn, Followed a star to a candle that burned March 18, 2011 No Comments

Quirky little things I put a significant amount of thought to…..when you’re driving a new vehicle off the lot, what’s the first tunes you’re going to play…Things like that sorta get emblazoned in the noggin’. I had to go with the theme that fits my life best here in Europe and blare Roxette’s new one […]

dressed for success Shaping me up for the big time baby June 17, 2010 No Comments

doing a lot of shopping lately, coupled with seeing a lot of hipsters makes me think about two books that i find humorous and entertaining, ‘the mystery method’, and ‘the game’, both about the ‘pickup artist.’ one term present in the books is ‘peacocking’, which means you’re supposed to wear outlandish things and the chicks […]