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Well my wife still respects me even though I really misused her, I am having an affair with the random computer August 16, 2009 1 Comment

Coming to the desert has given me TIME.  Time to collect, time to plan, time to gather, time to access.  Sorta like the weekend getaway but much, much longer.  Complaining about the enviable or things unchangeable has become a thing of the past.   Once my time is up, I plan to explode in the […]

Send me Dead Flowers by the Mail, Send me Dead Flowers to my Wedding April 23, 2006 1 Comment

Far from dead flowers, the flowers are in bloom in the backyard. They are living despite the 100+ temperatures. It’s a joy to sit in the backyard and enjoy the smell, and watch Benny smellin’ all over everything. Kudos to Jenny for doing a lovely job with the planting, cultivating, watering, and upkeep.