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Whatever Road You Choose, I’m Right Behind You Win or Lose March 3, 2006 No Comments

Wedding Rehearsal — The ingredients are here for a cynic like myself to want to throw up, two people in love, lots of sentimental jargon, family and friends together enjoying the special day, and a f*ckin talented computer geek (Brandon) that crafts up a touching video, pictures to music that makes the entire crowd ‘cry […]

The Cokes are in the Icebox, Popcorn’s on the Table December 11, 2005 No Comments

House Party 2005 — Eggrolls, ‘Doctails’ (coctails made by Doc Love), and lots of friends and fellowship Funny thing about blogging is that you really don’t know who is reading what you are posting. For instance when I blogged that I liked ‘Sparkle Plenty’ and the rollergirls, Sparkle Plenty actually emailed me from the post! […]