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Took Her Off the Vegetation, Took Her by the Arm, Selling E-Coli Burgers, Couldn’t Do No Harm June 1, 2007 1 Comment

Since last post, Robert catches bug equals 27 #2’s, 5-7 imodiums, countless pepto tablets, a handful of vomits, cold sweat, and a sheer desire to plunge from a very high place into oblivion. I never catch these things, but on the trip, 4 of the 8 participants visited the porcelain thrown at least once, hence […]

All Four Small Bald Fat Tires Rockin’ Through the Sand and Burnin’ Up March 26, 2006 No Comments

Squishy transmission was caught in drive, that is for sure, as there was a little blue dune buggy riding thru the streets of Shiner. Timmy and I roamed thru the streets of Shiner, a bit chilly weather, but fun nonetheless. We even drove by the Cadillacs going to Church, they were looking at us like […]