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hand out, faces that he sees time again aint that familiar May 14, 2009 No Comments

its a clash of civilizations, on one side you have players who see nothing but a finite game, played to win or to lose. on the other side, half play the same finite game, the other half play an infinite game, a game where winning is to have the factions play again. such polarizations seem […]

I cant remember anything to this very day, cept the look, the look June 11, 2008 No Comments

Jennifer’s BDAY party was a ways’ back, she’s such a special girl, wonderful in too many ways to account for, but I’m glad I met her, and it was an honor to be at her bday party. Always amazing food, always an amazing time. Which ‘accidentally’ turned into a pool party when I threw Mike […]

Know a man, his face seems pulled and tense, Like hes riding on a motorbike in the Strongest Winds May 5, 2007 No Comments

What can I say about the Pearl Jam song, Off He Goes, it meant so much to me as a young lad (21ish). I can imagine by this time tomorrow the face will be pulled and tense, because of strong winds, hot and humid Texas weather, and 86 miles from Shiner to Austin NOT on […]

I Said I – I Don’t Know Where There’s a Box or the Bag May 3, 2006 1 Comment

Exactly what are the lyrics the Yellow Ledbetter anyway, can someone make that out, or is Mr Vedder speaking in tongues? My bags are not nearly packed and ready to go, and in 7 days I’ll be landing in Berlin, very little preparation, but lots of reading. I’ll have to laptop and a killer GPS […]