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I Heard her Story from Across the Sea, There was Never one as Fair, Lovely as She February 5, 2007 2 Comments

Happy 73 to MUMMY! — The party was at Darlene’s house, lots fun, lots of kids roaming around, and yes, lots of the dreaded dry turkey to eat! The family poll suggest that, although they appreciate my deep and cynical ramblings on life, they like the ‘what did I do for dinner postings better, etc, […]

Ozomatli – Austin Winter Nights February 3, 2006 No Comments

Someone once said, when you turn the world upside down and shake it, everything that doesn’t settle somewhere finds its home in Los Angeles. This is certainly the case for the boys from Ozomatli, who’s tunes capture the east LA sound and then some. Funky groves, MC’s, crazy DJ’s, a horn section, classical guitar, crazy […]