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And I Should Be Scared, But I Feel No Fear February 22, 2009 No Comments

Lots of great talk with Mike P this weekend, two heaviest things I can recall, two toxic elements in modern day society, politics and religion.  If you don’t frame the question or challange around these two necessary but dying ideologies, a whole new world becomes visible. Keep your beliefs, spirituality and ideologies, abandon the proxies.

On a mountainside, well below the stars, keep your lovers eyes in mason jars October 26, 2008 No Comments

Every time I look at a high place, Curtain Calls by the Old 97’s come to mind — I recall rolling around Berlin and having the BEST time with this album. That time I was heading to Alexanderplatz (which for some reason I think is a focal point in my universe) with a currywurst in […]

Let me see tomorrow and I’ll try to understand, How the sinking of my little vessel fits into your plan July 28, 2008 No Comments

Picked up a local newspaper today, thought about what ‘current’ people tap into and how society is full of labels. World news, national news, regional news, local news, conservative, liberal, different lollipop flavors of religion; how silly it is to brand yourself in a day and age where everything is blended, hyper-connected and just not […]

White Noise Swells in My Head, Makin’ Me Worry It’s the Summertime July 5, 2007 No Comments

Today Ashley celebrated her 30th birthday by getting 30 friends to hula hoop in front of the capital. How nice, the power of influence! It was funny, the average tourists out there had a much better time watching the hoopers than snapping pictures of the capital, for the hour or so, these activities were the […]

Pullin’ Into Cleveland, 7 Seater Tour Van, There’s 8 of Us I’m Sleeping on the Floor, The Guy that Plays the Banjo keeps Handing me the Old Crow June 15, 2007 No Comments

Landing for a night in ol’ Bryan / College Station hanging out with Casey, a different Casey, not the beast. Travis Park (Fran would be proud, just like he is of Travis County), Bryan Bombers kicked the other team’s butt, at the end of the game a fireworks display, that rivaled most of the ‘high […]

I Remember the Alamo, I Don’t Recall Who Won, They Had Swords, They Had Horses, I Hear We Had Might Guns June 13, 2007 1 Comment

Tonight is about decisions, questions, observations, contacts, and superstitions, I’ve been reading a random how to be a good person, how to be a good business books, and here’s what’s on my mind. Decisions – I heard an interesting tidbit that the people who actually work ‘hard’ could potentially be prolonging making tough decisions. I’ve […]

I Turned 21 In Prison Doin’ Life Without Parole, No One Could Steer Me Right but Mamma Tried May 14, 2007 No Comments

There she is, in the stingray, the best mom ever.

Now My Bad Dream is My Best Friend May 13, 2007 No Comments

The boys from the Old 97’s played Gruene Hall, I love it out here, all hail margaritas and bud light. New song about pirates and the lord which was brilliant, and ran into some old friends. It’s amazing how if you religiously follow a band around, you see lots of the same faces at the […]

Havin’ Her On My Brain’s Like Gettin’ Hit by a Train, She’s Gonna Kill Me Oh Celeste, oh Celeste April 14, 2007 No Comments

Tonight we braved the elements of rain to watch the show at Stubb’s BBQ. Amazing Texas weather, 1 minutes its HOT AND HUMID, the next minute, the trees look like they are all gonna blow over. Didn’t matter for Steve and I in the 2nd row. We gave it a valiant effort, trying to wait […]

You’ve got your pride, and a blue-steel ’45, And you’re waiting for the other shoe to Fall April 13, 2007 No Comments

Gearin’ up for the perhaps rained’ on Old 97’s gig at Stubb’s, and maybe a ‘special seat,’ I browse youtube and giggle at the calamity that surrounds the regulations or lack thereof of digital content. Rhett makes lyrics like having a blue steel ’45, just like the gangstas! The cat’s out of the bag, might […]