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You were too tired to eat, too hungry to sleep, Just imagine the speed, it’s just what you need April 21, 2011 No Comments

Back in the days of being a desk jockey in Austin Texas, I always dreamed about living in the Euro zone.  Now here, the roaring tempo is something that which I never could have imagined.  Life decisions catapult you into the realms of possibility, often I ponder that quotation that goes something like “I’m struck […]

helps to write it down, even if you then cross it out June 25, 2010 No Comments

tonight i think about a phrase seth godin said ‘what have you shipped?’  it’s been on my mind for months… what does it matter if you’re the first ever twitter user to capture the picture of lady gaga, or the 3rd person in line for the iphone, or you toil away at work 20 hours […]

I know i’m just an amateur, but i’ve gotta try April 6, 2010 1 Comment

at some point do you wake up and accept the fact that you probably won’t be figuratively ‘selling out stadiums’ like the beatles or stones?  at some point do you understand you don’t have the talent to sum it up in 5 words, such as ‘i cant get no satisfaction’ — some point you understand […]

Wolf packs and convoys and Captains and men April 4, 2010 No Comments

my writing has gotten tame over the last year or so, i guess a response to a balance in stimuli, funny how that works – the more self proclaimed ‘objective’ you get the less vocal opinion you have on the grind of the world.  is the middle the right place to be?  that is the […]

neither heaven nor space March 30, 2010 No Comments

5 minutes this morning, I thought, wow, what a game that’s being played in the developed world.  Finally beginning to realize I’ve never hated the players but didn’t care much for the game. What do our tanks, cinema and pop culture have in common?  They are all working to make the world a sedate place, […]

notions that oceans are coming to my call March 21, 2010 No Comments

Thinking about the push / pull balance b/w the brain and heart and how that dictates decisions you make in life this evening.  I don’t know much about Marcus Aurelius, but this quote is excellent Accept the things to which fate binds you, and love the people with whom fate brings you together, but do so with […]

To make a mountain of Your life is just a choice But I never learned enough To listen to the voice that told me always love June 11, 2009 No Comments

for a solid 4-5 hours today i thought about mis-steps in my life, especially with people, things i’d like to make right — on the myers briggs test, the last letter, based on my mood, i’m either a J (judgemental) or a P (perceptive). Generally speaking, a more ‘ideal human being’ is a P. It […]

What can you do but let them talk And make your way down the block November 24, 2008 No Comments

This video turned out so bad yet so good –

The lights in the city are more or less blinking Which side of the story decides what you’re thinking Warm arms and cold faces October 5, 2008 No Comments

Needless to say, writers block has struck. 1 — Think about if people didn’t frame every issue in a political sense. This of the toxicity and hatred that comes with the pursuit of power. Think of the cognitive dissonance that comes from political affiliation. This, and every election I applaud the swing vote. In talking […]

It’s the Feeling I Get When I Look to the West, Having all the Answers Still Failing the Test April 23, 2008 1 Comment

A few things come to my mind tonight, integrity, and what that means to people, and a question that popped up in a facebook status, what do you care about what other people’s feelings. So much has been swirling around in my head on these topics, and the cursed 85 degree spring Texas night and […]