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OO, This Feeling Is Wonderful, Don’t You Ever Turn it Off – June 29, 2009 No Comments

evilution happens to everything, including twitter, in 140-whatever characters — i boast i got an account the first day it opened at the dreaded sxsw interactive festival, my evolution of twitter is – 1 – saying what i had for lunch2 – talking about all the cool things i’ve done3 – talk about all the […]

Truly. Truly We Have Become. Hated And Feared For Something We Don’t Want November 19, 2006 No Comments

What can I say about the boys from My Morning Jacket, Stubbs BBQ, other than fantastic. Mike D at least remember the show this time, as himself, myself and my brother in law Shannon painted the town. We had a set of ‘goals’ to be reached for the evening, and all of them were met, […]

People Always Told Me, that Bars are Dark and Lonely, And Talk is Often Cheap and Filled with Air October 25, 2006 No Comments

She Rocks, what makes Austin kinda cool, what other city this size can come up with 12 AWESOME bada$$ rock chicks and make a calendar out of it, and on top of that, donate profits to a non-profit. Jane Bond, man I used to have a crush on her, but alas, she’s cool, I’m not. […]

My Morning Jacket at The Fillmore San Francisco November 13, 2005 No Comments

Literally the crowd was filled with fairies, as My Morning Jacket appears to be taping a DVD for the back to back sold out performances at the legendary Fillmore. The band was in pure form. Being a Texan that’s pretty well versed in music, and has seen his share of shows, I can honestly say […]