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From feudal serf to spender This wonderful world of purchase power October 21, 2010 No Comments

Thinking about the difference in the movie ‘Letters to Juliet’ vs. the content of a typical Manic Street Preachers tune.  Both are extreme in emotion, the movie shows the beauty of love and geography, the band shows the dark side of the spectrum. I remember in 2004 when I had a plane ticket purchased to […]

In the Beginning when we were Winning, When Our Smiles were Genuine June 6, 2007 No Comments

The Manic Street Preachers, an edgy band described as ‘adult anthem rock,’ have a new album out. One song even features the new love of my life, the lead singer of the Cardigans. I’ve enjoyed these tunes / lyrics tremendously over the years, even this deviant gave them serious kudos before he was Mr I’m […]

It’s Easy to See, To See Only White Where Colour Should Be August 15, 2006 No Comments

Life and business, and how it applies to programming, specifically two types of programming, structured and service oriented. I used to do structured programming (a life doomed to hell) with dudes named Joe, Jim and Bill (they called me Bob) who were all over age 50, then object / service oriented (still a life doomed […]