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And all my senses seem to shine through the day, honey that’s okay Yes all my senses seem to shine in the night, honey that’s alright June 16, 2009 No Comments

A buddy said what you’ll experience on a deployment, ‘youll never been happy, sadder, pissed on, pissed off, tired, energetic, etc’ in your life, — I’d say there’s a lot of truth to that. Lately is hysterical laughter, the kind that only comes with 42 straight 12 or so hour days. Random Thoughts – Things […]

When In Doubt, F*ck the World, Forget all the Things You’ve Heard January 2, 2007 No Comments

Well, Steve will probably be the first to tell you that my blog has suffered from content this year, as opposed to 2005. There are several reasons for this lack of rock n’ roll lifestyle, which I can explain later, but first the highs and the lows. First high is ‘keeping the blog going.’ Damn, […]

See Jim Light His Management, And Watch Dan Lose His Tournament July 31, 2006 No Comments

The morning of what just happened here turned into a day of sleeping till 6pm, whew haven’t done that in a long while. Body can’t handle hanging out with youngsters anymore, someone said that when you’re around 30 you can’t take being ‘hardcore’ anymore, I’m going to have to tend to agree, however this old […]

Mando Diao and Friends May 16, 2005 No Comments

After City Hall we went to Emo’s for the Mando Diao show. Who do you ask? Of course the constants Toshi and I. We have been looking forward to the show for a few months now, and the day finally came, started at 10:45, which is pretty damn late for a Monday night show! Three […]