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Ring the bells that still can ring, Forget your perfect offering, There is a crack in everything, That’s how the light gets in November 10, 2009 No Comments

48 laws of power has been on my mind since a buddy of mine has been reading intently.  Ran through the list and picked out my favorites, or at least the one's I have put emphasis on as of late. Edge of the World, a nice little piece by Josh Ritter is what I've been […]

And I’ll dance with you in Vienna I’ll be wearing a river’s disguise May 17, 2009 No Comments

I recall the gently rolling hills / mountains in Austria, and when I see them again I feel ‘my heart will search no more.’ Same thing with a lot of other aspects of life. Nothing like a war zone, long hours and a desert sun to put life into perspective. Over here, ever yard is […]