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We Need Hints March 1, 2007 No Comments

And they were givin’ by the doctor today, as he talked of strong German and Bohemian women. A somber day at the Bruns camp….we find out today that mom has to have a surgery tomorrow, and a sleepless night makes me introspective about many things, life in general, the whole human element, and how to […]

Ten Days of Perfect Tunes, The Colors Red and Blue August 10, 2006 No Comments

10 ‘whatevas’ for the blog, random stuff, what’s been occupying my thoughts and mind 10 —, my new favorite website, lets you see numerous articles on how vile Dick Cheney is, lets you cross reference by the person who posts, you can see what’s ‘popular’, etc. a great way to organize clippings. 9 — […]