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Getting Drunk on Saturday, Playin Football with the Kids on Sunday, Soarin’ with the Eagles all Week Long, and It’s All We’ve Learned about Living April 2, 2008 No Comments

Lots of pictures to come, Patrick, me, Stephan, and Gregor. These folks are awesome, I wish I had more dialog with them, I wish I could see them more often, learn from them, drink beer and eat BBQ with them.

A Million Young Poets Screaming out their Words, To A World Full of People Livin’ to Be Heard March 13, 2008 No Comments

I recall Chris Rock saying something about listening to John Mellencamp, it was pretty derogatory, but nevertheless, taking my geekly stroll to Best Buy and seeing his ‘The Best I Could Do’ cd, I had to get it. If not for Check it Out, or Little Pink Houses, or his amazing MTV Unplugged show, its […]

and the ones who run this land help the poor and common man January 9, 2008 2 Comments

General Ramblings on Politics For the Democrats, its not about determination, its about getting a fresh face in there, and not fighting the same battles that were fought in the 90’s. 1 — Its amazing the dynamics of this country, how Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina can predict the leader of the free world. […]

Little Pink Houses for You and Me June 8, 2005 7 Comments

Look at this monster, it’s hard to believe the payment on this beast, nearly 2,000 square feet is only $615 per month. Putting it into perspective, I pay $550 per month for my 500 sq ft inner city ATX apartment. The final cost was near 75,000 with an abundance of furniture left behind. 6 big […]

Loud Cuban Band Crucifying John Lennon April 30, 2005 No Comments

Just when I thought Saturday was over, I get a text message from Orlando, a great bud that lives downtown San Antonio, so I decided to join them at this posh birthday party in a posh hotel. So posh, I felt just a tad bit insecure rollin up in there with my crusty old navy […]