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I go to all the parties, I never have a good time, It’s like we’re acting out a movie, Mystery and Crime November 13, 2009 No Comments

As of late The Joel Plaskett Emergency's album Truthfully Truthfully has been on heavy rotation.  One tune on the album reminds me of a going to the local 'Circle K' to play Gyrus, Gun Smoke and Choplifter on big arcade games as a kid.  Mystery and Crime's texture reminds me of bad hair days, and […]

I’m feeling kind of radioactive But I’ll make it to the church on time November 14, 2008 No Comments

Pictures from O Montreal, Mt Royal was not as tall as I expected –

The Good Old Days we’ll I Suppose I’m Glad They’re Behind Us Now, The Only Thing Worse than Growing Up, Is Never Quite Learning How June 8, 2006 No Comments

I love this ‘passage’ – —————————-What uniform can I wear to hide my heavy heart? It is too heavy, it will always show. Jaques felt himself growing gloomy again. He was well aware that to live on earth a man must follow its fashions, and hearts were no longer worn.—————————-