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last night on earth January 25, 2010 No Comments

amazing how words in a song can say one thing, and the music speaks to something else — on the surface, a beautiful love song, the music speaks to the sound of the last night on earth — what happens that last night on earth? do all the lights go out? or do we hop […]

Dreaming, I was only Dreaming, Of Another Place and Time, Where My Family’s From December 15, 2009 No Comments

It's hard to find good tunes like Before the Lobotomy anymore, but every now and then words and music line up and you get a 5-10 minute episode of bliss — Buddies of mine have asked me to catalogue a 'lessons learned' or better phrased 'thoughts thought' from my first stint out in the desert, […]

I am One of Those Melodramatic Fools, Neurotic to the Bone No Doubt About It April 13, 2007 No Comments

What a topic, The Fountainhead brings it out of me, and Brea, I commend you for reading this, is an amazing book, spanning many complicated human elements. Patience, courage, strength, balance, and going with your gut feeling is some of the stuff I can think of off the top of my head, and of course, […]

From the Bible of ‘None of the Above’ February 8, 2007 2 Comments

In regards to my ‘name that blog posting,’ my brother in law solicits my opinion on the following two questions. Six Warsteiners deep into the evening, I’ll attempt to answer the questions. Should Barack Obama’s admitted drug use be an issue in the campaign? Will Barak’s admitting to drug use, while Bush refusing to admit/deny […]

Sometimes You’re At Your Best, When You Feel the Worse, You Feel Washed Up Like Piss Goin Down the Drain June 11, 2006 1 Comment

There’s something strangely therapeutic about sitting at home all weekend and engaging in ‘self improvement’ type activities. Other than that, there is ‘stuff’ on the fringes I often think about, here’s a list from the weekend. Productive Stuff PMP Prep — Yea the test is going to be a pressure cooker, massive memorization of the […]

There’s Nothing Wrong with Me, This is How I’m Supposed to Be, In a Land of Make Believe That Don’t Believe in Me May 18, 2006 No Comments

This would be my last day visiting friends in Neunkirchen. Frank, the long haired dude, and Martin’s (who used to be long haired, but now looks a lot different) mother had her 70th year birthday party. In Germany the 70th year is a big deal, there is a big house party, and all the friends, […]

To Live and not to Breathe — Is to Die in Tragedy May 9, 2006 No Comments

Tomorrow we begin our trek to Deutschland, via VDub ride to Houston. What will I miss while I’m gone?…..Hmmmm, a hectic learning curve of identity management with MIIS and some knock off of active directory, ‘customers’ petty little requests, and meetings meetings meetings, or as the grinch would say….O the noise noise noise! I’ll miss […]