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You can take a trip through your juke joint smoke-filled paradise You can give it your all, cause you are walking a fine, fine line January 10, 2009 2 Comments

My lack of understanding economics is killing me, for it’s crucial in truly understanding what’s going on. I don’t trust media outlets and blogs that say the sky is falling, its human nature to think that way, and its a sure fire way to increase ratings. Our collateralized debt obligation will lead to us as […]

Swing it Out and Use it as your Aphrodisiac February 9, 2006 No Comments

A Gomez sort of evening while researching all sorts of stuff. Blast from the past, the beast, Ashley B, Franzi, myself and Jenny. Franzi was in for Kimmie and Randy’s wedding and she stayed with me in Austin for the week and we enjoyed walking, shopping, etc. The beast had long hair back then, and […]