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And It’s Hard to Hold a Candle in the Cold November Rain June 25, 2006 No Comments

Random tidbit, did you know Slash made them carry that church out in the middle of the desert, for the Video November Rain, just so he could JAM in front of it? That’s some excessive sh*t. In visiting Houston this weekend, I always go to my sister’s church. I’ve been to many ‘wrong’ churches, and […]

You Wanta Antagonize Me – Get in the Ring August 3, 2005 No Comments

Hmm — Well they say when something ticks you off, wait a week or so to put it into perspective. A week has past, and a theraputic talk with Manuelabor has helped me put my work dilemma into perspective. I want to keep my friends informed about what’s going on in life, but also I […]