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It’s a hard parlor game Playing miscues and pratfalls for laughs From sad sacks and fairweather friends April 15, 2012 No Comments

Last November I got some cheese off the bucket list (at least cheese for those who are cool), by seeing Roxette in Barcelona at Palau Sant Jordi.  For at least 10 years I thought about it, wondering where I’d see them — what would be the context of the situation….Two Songs I always wondered where I’d […]

seems so at ease A strange inner peace Is all that he’s feeling somehow February 27, 2009 1 Comment

The city of Brotherly love, perfect backdrop for an M Ward concert.  Love the time there.  The city center, filled with thrasher guys filming their moves — Nice to sit here and soak up the scenery. Aparments near the city center, lots of really old / neat looking habitations.  Didn’t see any suburban living on […]

Well it was Saturday Night, I was Sitting in the Kitchen, Checking out the Women on Spanish Television August 7, 2007 3 Comments

You ever notice how on Telemundo that all the girls look like J-Lo? I’ve never had lobster in my life, and one of the marines I work with said I have a long list of culture I need to catch up on, so I head over to none other than the culture mecca of RED […]

Behind Window Bee, Explaining Patiently How She Needs to See Six Forms of ID April 4, 2007 1 Comment

What can I say, I LOVE POP MUSIC, in an underground sorta way, the stuff that gravitates to me is stuff like this new Fountains of Wayne album, its just so damn good! Tonight I went out to an Austin Music Mixer, lots of cool people, and a very eclectic mix, and not to mention […]

I Try to Focus, I’m Starin’ At the Screen, Pretending what I know what All These Little Flashing Lights Mean July 20, 2006 No Comments

A bit disheartening when you sit there for 4+ hours taking a practice test and all you can muster is a 60.57, you need 61 to pass, wonder if they round up? The questions are intimidating, misleading, and downright shitty at times. Reading all this project manager is omnipotent jazz and trying to figure out […]

Crumbs in his Beard from the Seafood Special March 3, 2006 1 Comment

Today’s non-frugal group brought us to the Jazz Kitchen on sixth. People may know the place by the dude out front that calls himself ‘The King’, playing funky bass riffs all night long for people who stroll down the street. The crawfish season is now in session, and we got a few pounds, they are […]