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I think that you’re forgetting the blood that you’ll be letting Has a price on it no one knows November 11, 2009 No Comments

Dad served in the Army, Prince Rupert as a postman during WW2.  We didn't get to talk about his experiences and travels, I'm sure it was an interesting time.  I certainly miss that fella, I wish he was still here, we'd have a lot to talk about. The ironic nature of life on many levels […]

she was college educated with a phd, but she was always right and i was wrong, just another place i don’t belong October 21, 2009 No Comments

strolling down amnesia lane i recall fastball playing a live acoustic show a block away from my inhabitance at the now defunct jupiter records. a brilliant show complete with keg beer and a timeless live cd. don’t ask me why that makes me think of families, however, and in random sentiment, i think of what […]

We’re Outta Groceries Again, Ain’t Got No Money To Spend, The Credit Card is Maxed Out…. February 16, 2007 2 Comments

Tomorrow me and Mike D hop a flight to Seattle, meeting Rolando from LA there, and hanging with with buddies Kyle and Sahala. Let’s see, Mike D’s a Shins fanatic, so we are going to see them at the Paramount Theater, and we’re likely to drive up to Vancouver, check things out there, and back […]