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And I Need it More Than Love, And I Love It More Than Life, And I Want those Stars Above to Shine this Night July 7, 2007 No Comments

It behooves you NOT to drink 7 rum and cokes the night before a 5k race. However, a shower and a nice chocolate milk in the morning hit the spot, and we were off to the races. Krysi, cowboy, Alex and Larry partook in the 5k, 5k, 5k, 10k respectively. At the starting line, I […]

Echo and the Bunnymen for Halloween November 1, 2005 No Comments

It wasn’t in the cards for Mr. Yuck to be carved today because HEB was out of pumpkins, the rain prohibited trick or treating with the nephews, couldn’t stand another night on the town with doc at the ‘cool’ bars, so a night with Echo and the Bunnymen proved to be the way to go. […]