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There’s So Many Different Worlds, And Many Different Suns, And We Have Just One World, But We Live in Different Ones July 22, 2007 2 Comments

Things to do in San Antonio before I’m Dead(o). Museo Alameda Rosario’s Cafe and Cantina Tito’s Azuca Garcia Art Glass Rendon Photography and Fine Art La Frite Belgian Bistro Jupiter Java and Jazz Blue Star Arts Complex Joan Grona Gallery The Radius San Angel Folk Art Rick Hunter Photography Beethoven Maennerchor Taqueria Atotonilco Panifico Bakery […]

Here Come Johnny and He’ll Tell You the Story, Backbeat the Talkin’ Blues January 4, 2007 No Comments

RTFM, I used to have a shirt when I thought those sentiments, as I transition from computer geek to ‘business professional,’ I think differently about that age old saying. Rookie advice –Sh*t About Contracts – – Plan your purchase– Plan your contract– Request Response– Select Sellers– Administer Contract– Close Contract ….and pay close attention to […]

Callin’ Elvis, Anybody Home February 10, 2006 2 Comments

If anyone is interested in the following let me know, the more the merrier. 2/10 — Tonight — The Gourmet Eating Club (no we aren’t eating endangered species) — queen bee, beast, Kristen, Ashley, Mike D etc, are trying out the restaurant Sao Paulo’s 2/14 — Kitty Kitty Bang Bang with BBQ, Beer and Burlesque. […]

Through these fields of Destruction, Baptisms of Fire May 29, 2005 1 Comment

Sunday was the good ol church picnic in Shiner. Usually it’s 1 million degrees outside, but a nice rain made the weather bearable. The Biergarten was packed to the rafters, and low and behold I see Ryan and Chad behind the counter serving beer. Ryan is rockin’ and cussin’ at the church picnic listening to […]