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Catholic School, As Vicious as Roman Rule, I Got My Knuckles Bruised by a Lady In Black September 14, 2007 No Comments

Cable modem one step closer to being fixed in the meantime, wifi enabled pub FINALLY and Bob and Mel’s place. Tomorrow I see Crowded House, why do I keep bringing this up? Well imagine a little zit faced Robert with hair back in the 80’s listening to the only rock radio station that bleeds into […]

If Heaven and Hell Decide That They Both Are Satisfied, Illuminate the No’s on Their Vacancy Signs August 2, 2007 No Comments

Heaven because it’s walking distance to ‘base gate,’ hell because it’s sorta like the slums of Beverly Hills, a ‘quaint’ 6-plex of 1 bedroom apartments in the middle of old money San Antonio, crossin’ my fingers my 18’s aren’t going to be off the car every morning, and I’m hoping the window unit air conditions […]