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I dreamed you were riding a train to Astoria, I dreamed that you swallowed a pill called Euphoria September 6, 2010 No Comments

as life goes on the colors change, when i was a kid i recall green being my favorite color, then it was blue. then one day in my professional career we had to take a some sort of ‘true colors’ personality test.  sure enough, first color blue, next was green, followed by a distant yellow […]

From Dallas to Austin to Houston No one noticed what we were doing July 20, 2010 No Comments

Interesting little social media poem, I still like the other side of the equation in Neil Postman’s writings as well — Technology and social media hasn’t fundamentally changed the human condition, its given people opportunity, but I see very few who rise above the minutia. —- When I understood Social Networking I…(taken from The Little […]

inside my suitcase an orchestra plays, the sun is still sunny, the lawn is still green June 29, 2010 No Comments

This Thanksgiving I’ll probably spend my 4 day weekend in Sarajevo.  I’m pretty sure there won’t be a turkey dinner involved, and more than likely I’ll have the same yearning.  While in Shiner I yearn for global perspective, the smell, taste, feel kind — while out an about I long to hear the tree in […]