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round the world round the world is a tangled up necklace of pearls November 14, 2009 No Comments

The Woodface album was on rotation during my inclined run at the gym.  It's amazing the texture of a good love song, Neil Finn has it down better than most.  It's even got some pesky digs at us Americans.  Time on Earth proves to occupy the same themes, with a wonderful baby grand telling half the […]

I lit the match, I lit the match, I saw another monster turn to ash, felt the burdon lifted from my back March 10, 2009 No Comments

Two things that have gotten me in a major down and out mood – Slaves to the almighty dollar — The more and more I read about the stock market, the nastier and nastier it gets. Index funds, fine, but ETF’s, hedge funds, leverage a buck at times 33 to 1. Hence, a fund looses […]

I Bring the House Down I Hardly Know, Which Way is Up or Which Way Down March 1, 2009 No Comments

These days this is the only taking head I listen to.  History repeats itself, and people get caught up in sensationalism.  I’ve always found it easy to hide behind ‘the sky is falling’ stories.  Many don’t have the attention span to see past tactical day to day manuvers. ‘One upping’ everyone else is so rampent, […]

I saw another monster turn to ash Felt the burden lifted from my back Do you recognize the nervous twitch That exposes the weakness of the myth February 4, 2009 No Comments

It’s good to skim massive amounts of information, I would argue that its better to follow the few that are trendsetters in the field. Similarly in stocks, diversification is for the weak at heart, and those who lack confidence in their ability to interpret the writing on the wall. Find a winner, stick with the […]

No fire where I lit my spark, I am not afraid of the dark January 1, 2009 No Comments

Seth G says it best, “I don’t like New Year’s. Faux merriment, excessive drinking, ridiculous resolutions and general malaise. Not to mention Dick Clark.” Life is a journey, expectations change along the way –To whom, for whom, with whom all gets blended in, very important in the crusade of life. – Where I’m From (past) […]

drawn to the flame No Comments

everyone throws out bullet points for the years end, what came to focus from 2008. bullet points –\\ gotta look past them, everyone reads the bullet points, not too many read the long boring paragraphs and accept the cold hard realities of their respective fields aggrigator v producer –\\ anyone can aggrigate, less can produce […]

In the Paper Today, Tells of War and Waste, But you Turn Right Over to the TV Page October 21, 2007 1 Comment

The theme for the weekend, visiting great buds (Mike D, Manuelabor and Lacinator) and food that’s bad for you, two trips to McDonalds, an excessive portion of sloppy Mexican food, and the clincher, FRIED GUACAMOLE at the state fair. Somewhere in there we saw St Vincent at a posh museum in Ft Worth. Austin and […]

Worlds above and worlds below, The sun shines on the black clouds hanging over the domain October 17, 2007 1 Comment

I got asked a question today, if your life was a book, how would it read? I am going to try to answer that, but more in context of the soundtrack of my life. But first, who would have thought the boys back home would ever see me in an army vest, well here it […]

She Came All the Way From America, Had A Blind Date with Destiny, And the sound of Te Awamutu, Had A Truly Sacred Ring September 15, 2007 No Comments

More ACL pictures, the little amount of shade reveals humans looking like cows scrounging for any area to rest from the sun. The migration patterns of people are fascinating here, find a tall hill and watch it all unfold. The Gibson guitars which are about to leave town, this one was rhinstone’ish, looked pretty cool. […]

Things Ain’t Cookin’ In My Kitchen, Strange Affliction Wash Over me September 14, 2007 No Comments

Thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Crowded House from the second row. A brief rundown, Queens – OK, Spoon – Good, Gotan Project – AMAZING, Kaiser Cheifs – great, Crowded House – wonderfully nostalgic, Killers – should have kept their ‘Sams Town’ stuff at home. I was by a bunch of Aussies the entire […]