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What Say You Now, The Door is Opening, On Your Vigil and I’m in my Usual Way, I Save my Breath, Knowing What You’re Wanting me to Say June 9, 2007 No Comments

Today marks a special day, my wonderful cousin John Fortune marries a wonderful girl from Amarillo by morning. I’m very happy for him, with him, as I think he’s a solid human being. Out of all the years and all the weddings, I FINALLY got a flask as a wedding gift, I can’t begin to […]

Hear You Laughing and my Soul is Saved, On Forgotten Graves You Cry April 30, 2007 No Comments

Yea, Chris Cornell comes to town, he’s the guy that church in Shiner thinks is the devil, perhaps the preach caught the Black Hole Sun video watching M2 one day, o wait….what would he have been doing watching M2. Sunshower (love that song), Can’t Change Me, Hunger Strike, Black Hole Sun, Spoonman, Cochise, they’re all […]