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Dance All Night Keep the Beat, Don’t You Worry ’bout Two Left Feet April 24, 2006 No Comments

Ashley teaches at Dance Associates, the recital was today in Westlake fancy pants land. Great outfits, cool kids (literally), and Ashley even let me pick out some of the music. Nothing like using Kraftwerk for ‘future sounding stuff’, and resurrecting Grandmaster Flash. The opener was impressive, check out the killer costumes. I was snoozing a […]

It’s Never Clear It’s Pantomime, Goin’ Round and Round April 17, 2006 2 Comments

Ding ding ding ding ding, the alarm goes off at 6.15, not bad one might say, but when you are 29 and you got to bed at 3:30 the ‘night’ before, it’s a cruel joke. The annual sunrise service at the church, and Ronnie asked me to sit in and play geetar. Was all fine […]