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Doesn’t take much time for plans to change, and offer up another chance, at sewing the dream better suited for both soul and soil June 12, 2008 No Comments

Where have I been, flying under the radar in several ways, leaving a big section of what little irresponsibility I had behind. Life gets tricky at points, right now is a tricky point, but I embrace it completely. All of our lives are predictable, but some are more predictably unpredictable than others, there’s my Mike […]

Wind in my hair, I feel part of everywhere, underneath my being is a road that disappeared April 10, 2008 1 Comment

Eddie Vedder is good for modern day poetry. I ‘heard’ or ‘read’ somewhere he wrote ‘Alive’ after staying up for 3 days straight. I’m fascinated by people who do what isn’t popular or right, but turn out to be legends when it’s all said and done. Driving home this song got me to raise and […]

Louise Only got from Me Innocent Poetry, Although She Played to not Listen February 16, 2007 1 Comment

Calexico with Iron and Wine is what is jammin’ thru the headphone at Epoch Coffee this evening. This place is the bomb, although I feel out of place without an IBook. I really dig the ‘f*ck off’ Starbucks logo, not that I’m a hater, just like to see the ‘mom and pop shops’ getting the […]