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All Talk No Action, What’s the Big Attraction April 2, 2009 No Comments

Two quotes – ‘Thought, expression and sensibility are given through communication’ and ‘The clearest way of seeing through a culture is to attend to their tools of conversation’ It’s never been about the mechanics of the tools, rather a state of mine. There’s always been a quote that surrounds on of my favorite cities, ‘people […]

I’m up in the air, can’t hear a sound You’re making a noise on the ground December 7, 2008 No Comments

Often I neglect the fact that tennis has had a major impact on my life during tender years. My buddies and I would often play 7 hours a day on the weekends in 100 degree Texas heat. Lots was learned during this time, and now that I have the ability to think, there are several […]

For Some People It’s and Easy Choice, But for Me There’s a Devil and An Angel’s Voice December 9, 2005 No Comments

An evening with the nuclear family (sorry for the impersonal words my wonderful sister :-), I just like that phrase), Jeannie, Rob, Kman, Collin produced a tree to be placed in the living room and decorated with a skirt, garland, and some presents. Here’s the tree boy is slapping our prize on top the minivan. […]

Brendan Benson at Slim’s San Francisco November 12, 2005 1 Comment

To compliment his first two extremely good albums, his latest work ‘Alternative to Love’ produced by Jack White, gives the Detroit boy the success he deserves. Although, he didn’t get too much acclaim from the locals as he recalls the last time he was in San Francisco he said his shirt looked ‘faggy.’ The lyrics […]