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He Sat me Down and So Began, The Story of a Charmless Man October 12, 2007 No Comments

Boy do I need a dog — You know the dyslexic, agnostic, insomniac stayed up all night trying to figure out weather or not there was a dog. In a land of tacos and chorizo, I’ve found the best german food I’ve ever ate. Only bad thing it comes at a LUNCH COST of 12.95 […]

Don’t Start the Talking, I Could Talk All Night, My Mind Goes Sleepwalking While I’m Putting the World to Right October 2, 2007 No Comments

Pictures from my the co-birthday celebration, Jamie and I. Here’s an elephant spotted in the elephant ears. Gman and Jamie’s landscape is lush, damn its pretty on that side of the house. Just look at the detail one those leaves, we’re trying to get that growing in the back of my crib but to no […]

Caught Up in The Centurys Anxiety July 9, 2007 No Comments

He lives in a house, a very big house in the country. Well, at least Kimmie’s folks do, and what a view! The rivers are flooded, and Texas looks like Scotland. Notice the sun on one side, and the rain on the other, really beautiful