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I Hear Beyonce on the Radio, and That’s the Way I Like It October 3, 2006 No Comments

A big hit for the Austin Music Foundation this evening, as a bunch of Indie labels sent reps to hang out and talk to the local artists. Bringing out reps from the record industry brings people out of the woodwork, not to mention demo and promo cd’s. Thanks for the Beyonce reference Ben, she’s gone […]

They Play Good Charlotte in Shiner, and I suppose I’m Gonna Have to Like It August 19, 2005 3 Comments

Here’s the Rumored lineup for the Shiner Bocktoberfest 2005, does anyone know anything? Pretty significant for small town Texas, considering Audioslave headlined the Live 8 in Deutschland, and Killing in the Name Of usually starts a riot in the pit. I wonder if Clint Black and Chris Cornell are gonna hang out backstage? Audioslave Good […]