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All anyone can ever want is a co-pilot Someone to leave this town and Up and start a secret May 30, 2009 No Comments

Blogging after an EXHAUSTING day, this isn’t Kansas, come to think of it, its not like anything I’ve remotely experienced before, that’s why it’s a good thing. I sit at mental gridlock, although tons on my mind. It’s hard to look towards the future at the moment, instead the general rule is to live day […]

If the sun can shine You’ll be just fine Look into your mind Where you’re free December 1, 2008 No Comments

My quick list of what makes a good leader, and what they need. BOTH are needed for SUCCESS. Leadership attributes – The ability to EXECUTE against all odds The ability to ARTICULATE a VISION The ability to INTEGRATE egos The ability to create a sense of URGENCY What leaders need – RESOURCES, mainly human TRUST […]

Well It’s Sticks and Stones and Broken Homes That Taught Us How to Smile July 6, 2007 1 Comment

Rollin’ into the hospital room today, what do we see…..Two posters Poster 1 — A poster that has ‘Phils’ on it, which is nice, it talks about all the stuff that is great in your body, the ‘phil’ is something that fights disease, etc, etc. Poster 2 — A poster that goes into painful detail […]

We Questioned Religions, Fed Bread to the Pigeons, We Learned How to Pray April 9, 2007 1 Comment

Today we celebrate Easter. The cynic in me says, what does the Easter bunny have to do with it all, and why do we as society take ‘special’ occasions and dilute their meaning, especially when it comes to organized religion. Kids is why I suppose, It’s always fun watching them hunt Easter eggs, I recall […]

Long Walks on the Beach, The Press will Impeach September 14, 2006 No Comments

Ben Kweller, a really likeable dude put on a great show at La Zona Rosa. I’ve seen him a gazillion times, and anyone who hasn’t seen him show go out and do themselves a favor and get a load of his quirky humor and stage performance. Not for long, but he’s got his album out […]

New Information for all the Kids to Soak Up, My Mac is Down and I’m in Tears March 8, 2006 No Comments

Tonight I decide to stroll downtown with the stinkpad and check out what the city has to offer in terms of wireless signals. There is a project called The Austin Wireless Project, seems as is SBC, ATT, whateva seems to be putting the knife in the project. Philadelphia has significant progress in this open air […]

Ice Ice Baby — Too Cold Too Cold December 8, 2005 No Comments

Thousands cursing, cars aslidin’, and bums hiding in their caves. Me and Robert set forth upon a new adventure tonight. So we put our coziest socks on our hands, and thew on a couple shirts, a poncho, and our beanies and headed to Iceland. Here’s a little quote from yours truly…The Mutha Fuckin’ C-Dog. I […]