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Like a Hero or The Champion, You are the Best, You’re the Best, Like Religion or Superstition, With You I am Blessed, With You I am Blessed November 5, 2007 No Comments

Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, boy do I have a love hate relationship with these boys. I see Allman Brothers, E-streets, Price, Marvin Gay, and Lenny all rolled up in one package. I guess the reason they’re in San Antonio was Bass Concert Hall in Austin was booked for the evening, at any rate, […]

True Love is Priceless, For True Love we Pay a Price January 24, 2006 3 Comments

Before Sunset, watched it two years after it came out, even though I loved Before Sunrise. The movie enforces ideas of hope and mystery, as it applies to an American dude and a French girl. Watch the movie, it’s short, but it’s good. Below is what I believe to be some truth’s as they apply […]