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a one hit wonder with no hits March 24, 2011 No Comments

As we wait for chemistry and physics to help us define the way forward, as we sway with the growth and energy curves, Ben Folds with Nick Hornby push the psychological and sociological curves ahead. Belinda, not much for the average listen, but a wealth if insight and sadness to the keen ear.

Alice the world is full of ugly things that you can’t change pretend it’s not that way that’s my idea of faith February 28, 2011 No Comments

As the days go on while being on the payroll of the paranoid, I keep thinking back to a quote by Joseph Nye, “It’s not whose army wins; it’s also whose story wins.”  Meanwhile, as Senator Elect Gary Johnson says: Remarkable things are happening across the globe. People are taking to the streets to demand […]

It’s easy to be easy and free when it doesn’t mean anything you remain selfless, cold and composed October 16, 2009 No Comments

A common dilemma as a point to point traveller, where is the hub?  In a more concrete sense, if I have a flat tire, who do I call for help? Decision and circumstance have had not per se and alienation effect, rather a natural distancing effect to me and even my inner circle of friends. […]

So, sure, I could just close my eyes. Yeah, sure, trace and memorize January 28, 2009 No Comments

25 Random Things about me With a preface by Richard Russo: “In all my books the unhappy people are the ones w/o the wisdom to love the life they’ve been given.” behind the melodramatic exterior, there’s an Everest of sentimentality Wants to see all the world wonders in civilization, twice thought I’d marry the first […]

Weightless as I close my eyes (Ohhhhh-aah) The ceiling opens in disguise November 28, 2008 No Comments

Can’t tell you how much I HATE running, however I know there is something special about it and the people who can do it. I WILL get there, turning this, a great weakness into a great strength. Running has to be a harmony between body and mind. When I run, thoughts splinter in all directions, […]

I dragged you up the stairs And I told you to fly You were flapping your arms You started to cry November 14, 2008 No Comments

Eddie Vedder once lamented ‘O O O O I’m Still Alive,’ after staying up 3 days then going for a surf. Living on the fringes some people call it, its where all the action happens, and the closer you can stay to that the more eventful your life is, or at least that’s what you […]

Get Nostalgic Bout’ the Last Ten Years Before the Last Ten Years have Passed November 13, 2008 No Comments

The last six month I’ve been devoting my brain cells to the hopes, perils and opportunities that exist with Mother nature, trying to really get a sense of what ‘she’ feels and the win win win’s that exist all around conservation, awareness and respect. First understand, then empathize. First, Hot Flat and Crowded, takes us […]

Son look at the people lining up for plastic, Wouldn’t you like to see them in the national geographic? August 4, 2008 No Comments

Today I rolled back in time to a posting many moons ago. I’d have to say there was a tension that evening, a tension that still holds true 3 years, one that motivates and inspires, yet drains. The word of the day is stymie. Life is full of it, endeavors, one idea vs. the next, […]

I Was Never Cool In School, I’m Sure You Don’t Remember Me November 28, 2007 No Comments

Tonight speaks of the fine line between insecurity and disinterest. When I was young I always thought what I felt was insecurity; Insecurity at other peoples clothes, other peoples girls, money, fancy cocktail parties, ‘nice houses’ and often thoughts and ideologies held by others. Now that I’m all grown up, I feel more as if […]

I might just get up and dance, Or buy some acid-wash Pants October 3, 2007 No Comments

Strollin’ into Best Buy the other day, I snap of picture of something that gives me hope, an ENTIRE ROW of Ben Folds cd’s. How did that get there? Could have been an error, or Ben just could have made it to the masses. The CD sections of stores are thinning worse than my hair […]