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You’ve got the attic window looking out on the cathedral And on a Sunday evening bells ring out in the dusk March 27, 2011 No Comments

Often times I’m sitting at a bar having a beer or two here, looking at the locals, wondering what’s on their mind…In Texas I’d usually just ask, here it’s a mystery. In many ways the struggle for purpose as an expat takes unique paths.  Music has always gave me purpose, and like a diligent groupie, […]

And the moment will come when composure returns, Put a face on the world, turn your back to the wall February 24, 2011 No Comments

One thing that ol’ Ben Kweller instilled in my thoughts was the statement ‘I want to see everything TWICE!’  I was lucky enough to step foot in Vienna the second time around, 11 years later, what a heck of a ride since the first round.  It’s been so fun, inspiring and humbling. I wanted to […]

You may as well take it in the guts, it can’t get worse April 8, 2010 No Comments

I’ve never cared about eating words, but seeing WASTE and making wasteful decision is taxing on the brain.  growing up under very humble conditions makes the extravagance worse, and wading through complicated life decisions has ceased to be fun, at least for now. I CANT WAIT for the time I can sit on a couch somewhere […]

But the prefects all backed down, and they ran her out of town, Cause she drank and swore and spoke Out of turn, she was the village joke November 6, 2009 No Comments

Every time I pop in Belle and Sebastian’s The Boy with the Arab Strap different metaphor grabs me, and the mind goes spiraling down some wonderful tangent. Today is all about titles, and the people that have them.  They’re used to define people – fence them in to areas of expertise and ideology, and give the […]

i never really thought it would be like this, i know its kinda hard but i’m glad that it is – June 24, 2009 No Comments

idealism has always had a tendancy to bring out the best of the worst of me, today that tug of war rages on – ever since i learned the expression ‘when you point a finger, six get pointed back at you’ — i’ve made earnest effort to sit back, take 27 deep breaths, take what […]

You kept running, You Got Money You Got Fame, Every Morning, I See Your Picture from the Train June 22, 2009 1 Comment

Its not about having the right answers, but rather asking the right questions. My question has always been, ‘how do you develop unconventional talents in a conventional world?’ – haven’t done it in my magical armchair– not in the pubs or on dates– not by hanging around people with the same mindset– not by knowing […]

Hope in the freedom he can almost touch, Folk take for granted as they walk to church June 4, 2009 No Comments

Thinking about the conflict in the middle east, I see two distinct tactics unfolding – Two bullies back in middle school get in a fight, 1 — they fight, beating each other up while everyone else is going ‘woah’, brutal, blah blah — sometimes a whole brawl ensues, a free for all so to speak. […]

Pure easy listening, settle down On the pillow soft when theyve all gone home December 22, 2008 No Comments

Stringing things together as life goes on. Gladwell has two good phrases to ponder in his new book, 1, the war on mitigated speech, and 2, glorious misconceptions. Two new years resolutions – An all out assault on mitigated speech — Slapping a time and date saying you need this on ‘x’ date, instead of […]

Hilary went to the catholic church because she wanted information The vicar, or whatever, took her to one side and gave her confirmation December 16, 2008 No Comments

Soliciting thoughts on what to write about tonight, you know I’d take the hard one. – 1 — how our almost former president is agile, like a cat? or 2 — The Duality of Man Duality, of course I’m thinking Yin and Yang, but then got into ‘Unification Thought,’ very fascinating. It’s the ultimate in […]

The railway ticket states the destination but it doesn’t mean That we will show November 16, 2008 1 Comment

Rolando, Mike D and Jenny run the half marathon this morning, the first annual one in downtown San Antonio, 30,000 people show. At the end of it all, the man from Kenya did the 26 miles just a tad before our valiant here’s did the half, but I’m proud of the guys. Waking up the […]