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Well my eyes look like a map of the town, And my teeth are either yellow or theyre brown January 10, 2008 No Comments

Find a blog out there that combines a Beautiful South lyric about pretty eyes and commentary on tacos and I’ll give anyone a hundred bucks. tonight we talk about an important topic….. TACOS!!! What happens is we have 3 fast food taco places that compete for that spare tire area around your waist, I like […]

Cheap, Never Cheap, I’ll Sing You Songs till you’re Asleep — When You’ve gone Upstairs I’ll Creep and Write it All Down February 6, 2007 2 Comments

Happy Monday, tonight after a potential Austin Music Blog meeting, I’m killin’ time by playing with style sheets. 53 cool things to do with style sheets, it’s fun — Lots has been going on in the mind, just not a lot of time to pop it out there, but I’ll unclug the pipes here, at […]