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two of us riding nowhere, spending someone’s hard earned pay November 24, 2010 No Comments

Eight hours from now a buddy and I hop on an overnight train to Zagreb, then a day train to Sarajevo.  Logistical challenges have never deterred me from experience.  Often I feel it’s what’s owed to the developing world, first exposure, then understanding.  Hence, 16 hours on a rickety train is a true adventure.  The quote […]

Boy, You’re Gonna Carry that Weight May 13, 2008 No Comments

Years back a friend of mine did ‘Project: Does your Vote Count’, she basically said ‘no’, and based on this election the holes in the ‘process’ really shin through. Some say its a ‘win’ for democracy, in the sense that there have been a lot of new registered voters, however, if the participation rate isn’t […]

Dear Prudence, Won’t You Come Out and Play October 10, 2007 No Comments

Holla from an empty Ruta Maya downtown San Antonio, looks like Austin’s attempt at exporting culture isn’t working too well in this location. I could elaborate, but I would just get sad, so hence, just gonna sit here and NOT chill.—————————————What do I have on my mind, well I have heroes and influential people on […]

There are Places I Remember… August 17, 2007 No Comments

Sitting here with a Carlsberg in hand, I remember as if it was yesterday downtown Liverpool, where the beer is popular. I remember the barmaid pouring a glass from the tap, I remember the beer, looking at the tiny bubbles, the taste of it being ice cold. I remember going to the disco that had […]

There Were Bells, On A Hill, But I Never Heard them Ringing April 25, 2007 No Comments

Just when I start bashing Beatles cover bands and cover songs, I find Meet the Smithereens, and it’s a blast, what can I say! They got it down! Life is strange, thanks again sis’ for putting up with me, I’m picky about it all, and I’m excited about how my life can and will change […]

Painting my Room in a Colorful Way, and When My Mind is Wandering, There I will Go August 6, 2006 No Comments

Fixing a Hole is right. The ‘main event’ for the day for Bob wasn’t the 20 miles on the bike, but the adventure after the bike ride. Since in many ways I’m ‘Princess Robert’, I ask, ‘Bob, can you dig this hole for my mailbox?’. Bob says, sure, it’ll only take 30 minutes. So here’s […]

Living is Easy with eyes Closed, Misunderstandings All you See April 3, 2006 No Comments

Post Day wedding antics brought us to the Janak farm for some communing with nature. Situated in a beautiful location between Hallettsville and Shiner sits St. Mary’s Church and the Janak farm. Always a pleasure to see those lovely folks and hang out. Mike D seemed to love the pigs, especially the smell. Mike D […]

Everybody Seems to Think I’m Lazy, I Don’t Mind, I Think They’re Crazy February 17, 2006 2 Comments

The night is spent dissecting Gawker, Lifehacker, and Delicious, as Mike P and I are trying to figure out how to make some cash. The Beast says Mike P has sold out, since his blog is no longer personal, says he used to be called Mike P, now he’s P Money. Actually Mike P has […]

A Day in the Life February 3, 2006 No Comments

A typical Friday, let’s do next Friday. Logan’s, a nice neutral place to go to have fun with an eclectic mix of friends. Yasu and Aya came out for the evening. These two are fun to hang out with, smiling all the time, and what can you say about the jello shot, whoever invented them […]

Birthday Greetings Bottle of Wine! December 19, 2005 No Comments

Happy 64! O wait, I mean the “BIG 50″ to my wonderful brother Ronnie. I used to hang out with this dude everyday from age 4 to 10. We used to watch GLOW (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling), along with any movie I’d want to rent. He taught me how to play baseball and football, and […]