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When Some Loud Braggart Tries to Put Me Down, And Says His School is Great… June 12, 2006 No Comments

The crazy small town politics seem to have settled, and students at the public school in Shiner will no longer have to deal with rats, roaches, and silly putty holding the building together, as the frame of the new school sits right next to the football field in Shiner. Prime real-estate out there, right by […]

The Poor Cook He Caught the Fits, Threw Away All my Grits March 10, 2006 No Comments

Marty’s garage in Shiner, climbing up the charts of my favorite places to hang out. A night with the old roomates, mr nomoreweights, who gave me a copy of ‘Beach Body’, some aerobic stuff queen bee, beast and I will try out. Then I can go to the beach and rock out and go ‘hey […]