embrace the demons with all their claws, embrace this life with all its scars November 5, 2013

Tonight as I sit here listening to Mason Jenning’s new album, I can’t help but think about Breaking Bad, a show I reluctantly watched after it was proclaimed one of the most successful shows ever. — The premise alone made me steer clear (conservative suburban man gets cancer, sells meth to pay his medical bills), but after watching it from start to finish, the themes are very well done, and its symbolic of how sick our world is today.

The themes that I’ve been thinking about over the last month after completing the series

  • Empowerment – Find a partner that empowers you, you’ll live a wonderful and happy life, find someone who doesn’t, you’ll have to live in the shadow of their wings.  This is evident in the show was Walt, a chemistry genius, is consistently marginalized by his wife Skyler, until finally years and years later this is the accepted norm.
  • Loyalty – Jessie and Walt have been through it all, learning the ropes in the nasty drug lord realm, and the only reason they survive so long is loyalty.  Many thugs came and went, but loyalty is what made them persist.
  • Heroism – The show did a great job of alienating you from the ‘good guy’ (in this case a DEA agent / brother in law of the protagonist) because of his brutish character and rooting for the ‘bad guy’ (Walt who is selling meth to pay medical bills).  Through the course of the show the roles reverse and you see the struggle between one side attempting to preserve order and the other attempting to preserve himself.  When the ‘good guy’ dies, the conflict is over, and all that is left is roaches, and no matter how many roaches you throw at a plot, there isn’t one.
  • Hope – At the end, Jessie drives off into the night, we hope that after it all, he kicks the meth business to the side and lives a new life.

Lastly I talked to my friend who’s wife is English, and they plan on moving to the UK for retirement, out of the off chance one of them gets cancer, so they don’t have to cook meth to pay the hospital bills.

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