So get up, shake the rust. We crawl, we crawl, we crawl January 9, 2013

Recollecting on 2012 the most unique experience of my life was a trip to Iceland for our honeymoon.  So why head to west Iceland and a potential to run into the reincarnate Axlar Bjorn?

Hotel Budir in HDR, a place as memorable as it gets.  Fish and lamb are on the menu….everyday.  I recall hearing the ‘new’ EP from Of Monsters and Men, while the young waiter working proudly proclaims ‘They are from Iceland’ and proceeds to give me a list of all the hip music clubs in Reykjavik.

Hotel Budir

If you ever wonder what the view looks like from a Hotel Budir room at 2am, here you go — Amazingly beautiful fresh water stream from a waterfall just outside the picture.

Journey to the Center of the Earth, according to Jules Verne started here in Snæfellsjökull….the glacier sitting on top of the volcano, view from the black beach, where many a fishing ships ruins lie……… Simply incredible


Ring Road, goes all around Iceland, speed limit 90km/hr, here’s what it looks like —

Ring Road

Heading central we see Þingvellir and dramatic landscape.


And beautiful fresh water lakes in the middle of desolate volcanic wasteland

There is contemporary life in the capital city, but its very apparent its a small place, and the locals seem to all know each other.


And a stop in Iceland wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the worth it but over hyped Blue Lagoon.

Blue Lagoon

And….According to Prometheus opening scene, the beginning of human life at Gullfoss.



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thurm January 10th, 2013

Nice to see this come thru my rss feed today. Some great pics of faraway places, reminds me I need to get off my ass and explore the world one of these summers.

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